Maxwell celebrates 50 years in real estate

Maxwell Real Estate Inc. was started by Ladell Maxwell and has been in business since July 1967, making it the oldest real estate business in Ada. 

Maxwell also studied to be a MAI appraiser. At the completion of her course work, she decided that she was more interested in selling and investing than in pursuing the certification as an appraiser. 

Maxwell was the first and only woman in the Ada Board of Realtors for a time. While attending state meetings early in her career to enhance her knowledge, she realized that things happening in the Oklahoma City area could readily be brought to the Ada Board of Realtors. With this in mind she started the Annual Realtors Banquet and the Realtor of the Year Award, and then later on was responsible for establishing the Realtor Associate Award.

Maxwell has been active in the Ada community as well as real estate. She was nominated for the Volunteer Action Award in 1983 and received a letter of congratulations from President Ronald Reagan. Maxwell was also the first Realtor to receive the Realtor Active in Politics Award. This was presented to her by U.S. Rep. Wes Watkins.

Maxwell was notably the first woman to serve as president of the Ada Board of Realtors. She served in 1981 and 1998 and was nominated for the State of Oklahoma Associated of Realtors vice president in 1981 but declined. She received the Realtor of the Year Award in 1982 and 1998. Maxwell started and oversaw the continuing education program in 1998 and contined until she later worked with ECU to have the classes at ECU. In 1991, she was appointed to the State Education Committee.

Maxwell was awarded the respected Realtors Life Membership Award in Oklahoma City in 1997 by the Oklahoma Association of Realtors. This was a result of the many committees that she served on at the local and state level for over 30 years. Past President George Huckeby presented the National Association of Realtors Emeritus designation to Maxwell, which she earned in 2007. This award is the most prestigious award a Realtor can receive after careful documentation of membership and committees served on at the local and state level, plus volunteer work done in the community for 40 years.

In 2009, the Small Business Association announced Maxwell Real Estate had been selected to receive the Best of Business Award.

In 2015, Past President Scott Ward presented Ladell Maxwell with the Founding Member certificate. Maxwell has donated to the Realtor University Scholarship Fund and Graduate School of Real Estate that is located in Chicago. It is at the Realtor University that Realtors can earn a master’s degree. She has also received a letter of appreciation from Dale A. Stinton, president of Realtor University.

Maxwell proudly stated: “Real estate has been my passion. There is a great satisfaction in helping people find a home. However, I could not have accomplished what I have if it had not been for my son and partner, Ken Maxwell and his wife, Sandy Maxwell, as the office manager, plus all of the wonderful sales associates that we have had over the past 50 years that have really cared about finding the right home for their customers.”

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