HouseLogic Recommends Quick and Easy Home Improvement Projects to Combat Cabin Fever

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Weekends where cold weather keeps everyone trapped indoors do not have to be spent on the couch in front of the TV. Homeowners can take the opportunity to start and complete some DIY home improvement projects. This month’s Weekend Projects to Fight Off Cabin Fever spotlight from, the comprehensive website for homeowners from the Realtors®, features four articles offering advice on embracing and improving indoor spaces when it’s too cold to go outside.

Here are a few tips from HouseLogic on how to make the most of your time stuck indoors.

Easy Projects to Personalize a Cookie-Cutter Home. There are myriads of benefits that come with owning a newly built home; however, new homes can appear indistinguishable from other houses in a neighborhood. Follow HouseLogics’ list of projects to make a new house stand out amid the cookie cutters, including simple ideas like painting the front door and ceiling fan blades.

Yep, You Can Put Shelves There: 5 Inspired Storage Ideas. Finding new storage solutions can feel like a never-ending process, especially when having to find new places to store the storage. Wall shelves take up little room, create additional storage and can add one-of-a-kind, architectural interest to a home. Check out HouseLogic’s suggestions for unique and unexpected spots to install shelves, including creating built-in shelving between wall studs.

Hide Your Home’s Biggest Eyesores With These Genius Ideas. Clunky air conditioning units, dingy floors, ugly appliances – most homes have a feature (or two) that homeowners would prefer to banish out of sight. HouseLogic offers advice on how to how to hide or disguise a home’s eyesores with tips like concealing a breaker box with a framed picture, which can be removed and replaced as needed.

Strange Home Quirks – and How to (Finally!) Make Them Go Away. Many homes have…quirks, whether it be funny smelling water, a flickering light or a strange noise that seems unexplainable. HouseLogic lists some common home eccentricities and how homeowners can fix them, including dusting talcum powder in between the seams of floorboards to stop creaking and groaning floors. 

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