HAR Provides Statewide Housing Relief in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

The Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR) is helping to provide statewide housing relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey through HAR.com, the organization recently announced. HAR.com now features a page that allows REALTORS®, property owners, landlords and property managers to post homes that they agree to make available on a temporary basis. Some of the homes posted may be available for reduced rent or even free, depending on the owner.

If someone would like to post a home available for anywhere from one week to 12 weeks, they may visit www.har.com/temporaryhousing and input the requested contact and property information. Once the process has been completed, the property will be posted on HAR.com and be searchable by those looking for temporary housing. Since HAR.com displays properties for sale or lease across the state of Texas, this temporary housing service is also available in any areas that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The REALTOR® community has come together in support of those affected by the storm in a variety of ways.

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HAR has contributed $250,000 to the Texas REALTORS® Disaster Relief Fund, which is administered by the Texas Association of REALTORS®. The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® contributed nearly $110,000 ($10 for every member) to the effort. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) also contributed $1 million to the same Fund. More than $1 million was dispersed in the first week following Hurricane Harvey, with a total of $2.6 million and counting contributed by individuals, associations and businesses.

While the Fund has currently stopped accepting new applications for assistance due to the overwhelming response, it continues to accept donations to help as many people as possible. You may contribute by visiting TexasRealEstate.com and clicking on the red banner at the top of the page.

So many local and state associations and multiple listing services (MLSs) have reached out to offer assistance to those in Texas who were affected. HAR heard from associations in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Nevada and many others. The Florida Association of REALTORS® put together 25,000 shelter kits that included all the necessities like soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and more. RealTracs, which is the MLS for Middle Tennessee, offered its own disaster relief fund to assist REALTORS® and their families in Texas.

Additionally, national real estate franchises, brokers and real estate-related corporations have contributed in aggregate millions of dollars, as well as their other resources, to the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort.

For more information, please visit www.har.com.

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