Radian Announces Agreement with Freddie Mac


Radian Guaranty Inc., the mortgage insurance subsidiary of Radian Group
Inc. (RDN), today announced that it entered into a Master
Transaction Agreement with Freddie Mac on August 29, 2013. The Agreement
relates to a group of 25,760 first-lien mortgage loans held by Freddie
Mac that were insured by Radian Guaranty, and were delinquent as of
December 31, 2011. The Agreement provides for the future treatment of
these loans including claim payments, loss mitigation activity and
insurance coverage, and eliminates Radian Guaranty’s claim exposure on
9,756 loans that were delinquent and 4,586 loans that were re-performing
as of July 31, 2013.

“One of our top priorities for our mortgage insurance business is to
actively reduce our legacy exposure,” said Radian’s Chief Executive
Officer S.A. Ibrahim. “This agreement is an important step in resolving
our remaining legacy risk, and reduces our total number of primary
delinquent loans by 12.6 percent.”

The Agreement caps Radian Guaranty’s total exposure on this group of
loans, including loans that are currently re-performing, to $840
million. Radian Guaranty paid approximately $255 million to Freddie Mac
to cover claim exposure on these loans, and had previously paid $370
million of claims on these loans. Radian Guaranty also deposited $205
million in a collateral account to cover loss mitigation activity on
these loans. Amounts in the collateral account will be released to
Radian Guaranty to the extent that Radian Guaranty rescinds, denies, or
curtails these loans and such amounts become final under the Agreement.
As of July 31, 2013, the amount of insurance rescissions, claim denials
or claim curtailments that had become final in accordance with the
Agreement was approximately $10 million. In addition, as of July 31,
2013, another $140 million of submitted claims had been rescinded,
denied or curtailed but were not considered final under the Agreement.
If the loss mitigation activities do not accumulate to $205 million, any
remaining funds will be paid to Freddie Mac. Radian Guaranty will
administer all claims submitted with respect to these loans in
accordance with its insurance policy for these loans and in a manner
consistent with its normal claims handling practices.

Radian expects to record an incurred loss of approximately $20 million
in the third quarter in connection with the transaction, which is
expected to be fully offset by a reduction of incurred losses in future
periods. This future reduction of incurred losses will result from the
elimination of exposure to re-performing loans covered by the
transaction that may redefault in the future and ultimately become

About Radian

Radian Group Inc. (RDN), headquartered in Philadelphia, provides
private mortgage insurance and related risk mitigation products and
services to mortgage lenders nationwide through its principal operating
subsidiary, Radian Guaranty Inc. These services help promote and
preserve homeownership opportunities for homebuyers, while protecting
lenders from default-related losses on residential first mortgages and
facilitating the sale of low-downpayment mortgages in the secondary
market. Additional information may be found at www.radian.biz.

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