Villagers fed up with neglected property under ownership of Fannie Mae – Villages

Fed-up neighbors vented their frustration to Community Development District 1 supervisors with regard to a neglected property owned by Fannie Mae.

This house of Perez Place has been out of compliance.

This house of Perez Place has been out of compliance.

The property in question is located at 704 Perez Place in the Village of Rio Grande. The house had been in foreclosure, but it is now owned by Fannie Mae.

Villager Ray Pohl lives directly behind the house and made the original complaint about the property.

Community Standards verified the violations including torn screens, missing siding, overgrown shrubbery and dead grass.

“There has been absolutely no maintenance or upgrade of the property for 10 years,” Pohl told CDD 1 supervisors on Friday morning.

He said the screens are being attacked by birds and a pool pump hasn’t run in about a year.

He predicted Fannie Mae will eventually sell the home to a “flipper” who will paint it and sell it.

“God forbid, whoever would buy that property,” he said.

He said he would like to see The Villages do what is being done on the Historic Side of The Villages.

“Tear it down and build a new house on the footprint of that property,” he suggested.

Fred Blevins, who has been in the neighborhood since 1994, said the house is a hazard.

“If that house catches on fire, the whole place is going to go up like a ball of fire,” he said.

The board found that the property is out of compliance and gave Fannie Mae five days to come into compliance. If not, Fannie Mae could face a series of fines.


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